Very Many People Have Gained Millions From My Songs-Masamba


Masamba Intore, a legendary cultural music performer, has said that “many individuals produced millions off his songs on YouTube without his consent” and that he is fine with it because he was unaware of it.

The Kanjogera singer revealed the news live on KTRadio while discussing what he learned at Covid 19.

“I’m telling you, my songs have made a lot of people extremely wealthy,” he added. “I didn’t know about using technology to create money until Covid-19 halted shows, and I learned about it and got a competent IT personnel to manage it, and I’m making a lot of money from it,” he said.

The musician has announced that he is working on a new album that will feature 90% of his father’s songs.

He hopes to restart Gakondo gigs in Mille Collines Hotel once the new record is released later this year.

Masamba is a well-known musician with a large fan following who has promoted Rwandan music and culture on a global scale through traditional music.

Wanyoye Amata, a song he recently published, is doing well on local radio stations.

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