Over 80% of primary school and ordinary level students pass their national exams

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya (left) and the Director General of National Examination and School Inspection Authority officially releasing results for nation

The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has announced results for the primary and ordinary level national exams, with 82.5% and 86.2% of students passing, respectively.

A total of 251,906 applicants sat for primary leaving examinations, comprising 136,830 girls and 11 576 boys, while 121,626 students sat for ordinary level exams, including 66,240 females.

At least 121,626 students excelled in their studies. There are 66,240 females and 55,386 boys among them.

Division I candidates passed 14,373 times, or 5.7 percent, while Division II candidates passed 54, 214 times, or 21.5 percent.

A total of 75,217 applicants completed the Division III exam, while 63,326 (25, 10%) were placed in Division IV.

Among the students that failed examinations were 44 176 (17.50%).

On the other hand, 19.238 candidates from lower secondary education (15.8%) completed Division I; 22 576 applicants (18.6%) achieved Division II; 17 349 candidates (14.3%) passed Division III, and 45.842 candidates (37.7%) passed Division IV.

According to the results announced today, 16,466 (13.6%) of those who took ordinary level national examinations did not receive the required amount of points to pass.

Yannis Ntwari Rutaganira of Kigali Parents was named the overall best performer in primary school, while Françoise Tumukunde of Institut Sainte Famille Nyamasheke was named the best performer in an ordinary school.

Dr. Uwamariya Valentine, the Minister of Education, has stated that students who fail examinations would be assisted in repeating courses, as opposed to being permitted to go to the next level in the past.

According to the timetable provided by MINEDUC, the next school year will begin on October 11, 2021, and end on July 15, 2022.

Following the release of the results, the Ministry announced that students admitted to Senior 1 and 4 will begin courses on October 18, 2021, to allow parents adequate time to prepare.

The calendar also reveals that the first term, which begins on October 11th, will finish on December 24th, 2021; the second, from January 10th to March 31st, 2022; and the third, from April 18th to July 15th, 2022.

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