Mpore, A Man Who Speaks Fashion Language


Eric Mpore, a Rwandan who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), did not fall into fashion by chance.

The owner of Mpore Fashion Shop in Kigali’s downtown had an ambition of making a significant contribution to the apparel industry since boyhood, but as he grew older, he recognized it as a gift and began working as a regular businessman.

Mpore hit the aim in 2018; he delved into the continental market, focusing on African styles, and began selling internationally.
Mpore was profitable enough to open a store called Fille Fashion in Michigan, USA.
He’s established himself in Australia, Canada, France, and China as well.

“With 95 percent of our customers coming from abroad, we’ve increased our consumer base in a short period of time. It’s understandable; we want our local market to know we’re here to stay,” Mpore explained.

People tried to dissuade Mpore, an IT graduate from Tumba College of Technology, along the way, but he said he is unstoppable, just like he is now receiving the benefits of his labor.

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