88 motorists arrested over drunk-driving since the beginning of September

Some of drivers arrested at different times.

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) has increased its operations against impaired driving, focusing on persons who are driving while inebriated.

This is part of a larger campaign to reduce road fatalities caused by drunk driving.

The traffic and road safety agency apprehended 48 persons in Kigali between September 3rd and 7th who were either driving or riding while inebriated.

When a driver’s blood alcohol percentage exceeds 0.8 millilitres, he or she is considered inebriated.

“I had taken three bottles of beer; that I cannot refute,” one of the arrested taxi-moto operators, Jean Marie Vianney Nzitonda, claimed.

Another arrested driver, Eric Muhawenimana, admitted to drinking alcohol before colliding with a taxi-moto operator on September 6.

“The breathalyzer indicated that my drunkenness was at 2 millilitres when police officers tested me,” Muhawenimana stated.

Since the beginning of the month, at least 88 motorists have been arrested in Kigali for driving while inebriated.

Some motorists do not consider the influence of alcohol on road accidents and subsequent mortality, according to RNP Deputy spokesperson Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Africa Apollo Sendahangarwa.

The goal of these actions is to save lives, whether they are the life of the drunk driver or other road users. “It’s also another way of conveying a message about the perils of drunk driving because these people are also informed about the dangers that are likely to arise from their risky behavior on the road,” CSP Africa explained.

He advised drivers to prioritize safety and act properly on the road, noting that operations against drunk driving will continue to make roads safer for everyone.

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